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Glass of Milk

About us



For me, it all started with a good friend of mine. He told me that with every dollar he saves he buys bitcoins. He strongly suggested I do the same. He told me he bought his bitcoins for about 300 dollars each. It was 10000 dollars each only after four years. And Growing plus many other Cryptocurrency as well. Really put a spark in me to get involved in the front line and put my experiences into being a part of the most biggest movement of human lives.


We believe Blockchain technology will be the next technology big wave that will impact the world during the next couple of decades as much as the invention of the Internet did since the early 90’s. To explain this and the vision behind our Blockchain System, we should first explain what Blockchain technology actually is. Being a building block to help make peoples lives easier. To be able to really enjoy lifes freedom. With this technology made possible.


A Block Chain is a technology that solves the so called “Byzantine Generals Problem”, which is an old problem in game theory: how can you reach consensus among peers if you don’t know which peers are to be trusted and which have malicious intent? Historically this problem has been circumvented by introducing a central authority. For instance a bank or credit card company that vouches for creditworthiness of a consumer that wants to make a payment. Or a government that issues an ID to prove the identity of a person. Crol here to help threw that walk. Having Client Connected in the correct path in Crypto Currencies on Block Chain Technologies and advancements as they a rise. Giving clients an easy process as possible.

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